The Importance if Your Faith Before God

Without Faith, It Is Impossible To Please God. 

Through the truth of scripture, Reid A. Ashbaucher releases The Christian Faith - A Quick Guide to Understanding its Inter-Workings. A wonderful read Filled with a multi-faceted presentation of the compilation of the Bible, the Gospel, to include teachings on the nature of God, the mysteries of Christ, with an overview of different doctrines to include the ministry of the Holy Spirit – this book lacks nothing.  

If you have faith questions, those questions you have about Christianity will be answered in this book as the author presents historical background, and the beliefs and values of the Christian faith in such a way that is concise, interesting, accurate, and presents the truth of the Scriptures and Jesus Christ as the Son of God.  This is one amazing read as the author gives a summary of how books of the Bible emerged into the canonization, giving his interpretation from a Protestant perspective, in which he explains also.  Easy-to-read and full of facts as scripture from the Bible, the author tackles a difficult subject and helps readers in understanding the entirety of the Christian faith.

Through teachings from the Old and New Testaments, the author helps new and mature believers alike.  This short book is designed as a guide to help readers (unbelievers and also those exploring Christianity) to make better spiritual decisions for the betterment of their lives.   Discussing the, “nature of Christianity; its origins; the fundamentals principals; the foundational teachings; and how it answers questions to everyday life,” (p.13) is what the book covers by boiling down the essentials of the principles of the Christian faith, so that those examining Christianity can understand the belief systems and where they came from.

This is a very interesting and highly recommended read that comes from years of study – giving insight to better understand the Bible as a whole, the main tenants of the Christian faith and to encourage and edify the Body of Christ.  Many will come to understand what the Nicene Creed means that has continued on in many Christian churches today, while also learning the different denominations of the Christian faith as well. 

All Christians should partake of this read, whether you are a new believer or curious about the Christian religion, this book will guide you into a deeper understanding of Scripture from a biblical and historical perspective, that will lead to a deeper understanding of God, Kingdom principles and the precious Word of God. 

Be sure to get your copy of The Christian Faith: A Quick Guide to Understanding its Inter-Workings in paperback at Amazon and at other fine online bookstores.