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Mark Norris / Sword of the Spirit  - To most in the Realm of Drugolin, otherly spirit lore lingered as mysterious legends best suited for late night hearths. 

On rare occasions one might hear of strange visitations. Some of huge, radiant beings bearing aid and guidance. Others of dark, evil creatures summoning dread and death. All were a part of Drugolish legend, but few took them seriously.

The westland village of Noy couldn’t afford the apathy of its unenlightened, middleland neighbors. Its enclosing fortress walls stood as a monument to the frightening visitations it experienced, day and night.

When the town’s most celebrated 
otherly adventurer receives a prophetic lamp, he teams with one final group on a faith empowering mission into the dread regions of evil that could usher in an eternal age where mortals are like angels and God reigns supreme.

Yahwin (God), Krystos (Jesus), Sahron (Satan), a host of 
otherly foes, warrior angels, and warrior prophets endued with extraordinary power all inhabit this peculiar realm in which author Mark Norris tells an eschatological tale that wars for the Millennium’s victor’s rights.

What would you do if an angel materialized in your bedroom tonight, handed you a prophetic lampstand that projected the events of Satan’s rebellion, and invited you to brave the powers of hell?  ................. 
The otherly is waiting,…will you go?

What others say about Sword of the Spirit:

In Sword of the Spirit, Mark takes us on an intense and imaginative quest that parallels our own lives. A great piece of work that captivates the reader while increasing our ability to remain free from the schemes of darkness. I love  it. It is lush in imagery.“ ~ Gary Crawford

This book really made me think. It delves into spiritual warfare, and considers some of the ways God could anoint believers who resist the enemy in the last days. This book challenged me to believe God for some things I had never considered before. But, it is also a good story. It has plenty of action and I found it hard to put down. I recommend it!” ~ Tom Miller

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Russell Nickel Presents 

Hope for Trauma Survivors

Short Stories, Great Reads presents God, I’m Angry at You! Where were you God when I was hurting? by Lawrence W. Stanfield, PhD.

Using the story of Joseph captured in the book of Genesis as a backdrop to come alongside trauma survivors, giving hope and instruction that will usher in a progressive approach to inner healing.  A chapter-by-chapter approach gives readers a glimpse of Joseph’s ancestral traits and sins, while providing an understanding of familial dysfunction, abuse, generational bloodline transfers and so much more, to bring Biblical and practical inner healing from past traumas. 

The author's purpose in writing the book is to address the silent epidemic and the alarming deterioration of family units and individuals. The author teaches Biblical principles that intertwine with Joseph’s story to help readers understand their past in order to move forward in their present.  This book also has the potential to bring much healing of the mind, soul and spirit with a look at Joseph who is much like us today.

His book reveals a flurry of wrong choices beginning from Rebekah (Jacob’s mother) to a wide range of emotions, mindsets and self-destructive thoughts and ways that keep us from God.  Encouraging all to look up to God, the author speaks from a psychological standpoint as one who was well-acquainted with failure and certainly understands feelings of hopelessness, despair, and not measuring up. Yet, he adamantly states God is the only One who can meet us in our darkest nights and pit experiences to see us through. God’s compassion, love, and instruction is revealed through the life of Joseph, similarly we can expect the same.  Insight into the human psyche gives us a front-row seat and the author challenges readers to thought-provoking issues that will bring enlightenment, healing and the grace of God upon one’s life.  

God, I’m Angry at You! Where were you God when I was Hurting? further sheds light in the statement and thought of, where were you God when I needed you the most?  His book provides answers to human suffering and offers hope through that pervasive question prevalent in the story of Joseph and in our own lives.

This book comes highly recommended due to the author’s vast experience with trauma victims, his trauma counsel experience, as well as a being a pastor and minister for many years, including work in the social services serving children and families. 

You may get your copy of God, I’m Angry at You! At Amazon or in Kindle as a download.

When the Roll Is Called

When the book of life is open and your name is called out what a glorious day that would be. We are to live this life with our eyes fixed on Jesus. Our Christian life involves total concentration, total attention, and total occupation with Jesus Christ.
Christ is the goal of our Christian walk and we who persevere to the end shall be with Jesus. We will have trials and unexpected problems that might make us want to quit. Christianity is a battle, a struggle, and spiritual warfare for all of us. It is a hard thing to learn that Christianity is "fighting the good fight of faith." for every true Christian has experienced the momentary desire to give up Christianity and go back into the world system. 
We must set aside anything that might hinder us from learning and then living the gospel of Christ. Ask Jesus to help you with diligence. If you lean on Him, He'll give you the strength you need to be disciplined spiritually, and help you overcome anything that comes against you.
Do you have a daily routine for staying in the Word of God and prayer? If not, start one! Set a minimum goal that you know you can keep no matter what. That may be listening to a Christian radio station or a Christian Bible tape. Or it may be reading a devotional, or a few verses of Scripture a day. The Christian life is a fight in which we face a never-ending struggle against evil. Not an earthly military campaign, but a spiritual battle against Satan.
When you become a Christian you're starting a spiritual race on the path that God has directed for you. All Christians must run this spiritual race. And you must continue the race, whether you run, walk, or crawl. It is not only important that every true Christian run the race, but that he or she finishes it. 
In the constant battle between Christians and the devil, you must remember that in order to be successful in dealing with the devil the most important thing to do first is to submit to God. Satan loves to keep our mind blind to the gospel. To accomplish this task, he looks to our flesh; our human nature.
Regardless of our culture or geography, we all have a human nature. This nature is fallen and it's in this nature that the flesh rules. Satan rules in this realm and keeps those under his influence as captives. By following the sin nature, we are bound for hell. That is why you should study the Bible to keep yourself fit and ready for anything the enemy throws against you.
The bible is a living book, but some Christians have no interest in studying it and wonder why the enemy is always coming against them. You must understand the value of Bible study. It is good to establish a good steady routine.
Satan loves to make Christians doubt and struggle with reality which keeps their minds off God. Because, of our old sinful nature, our flesh will still try to find gratification. Evil is disguised so cleverly, isn't it? The devil knows and does his job well! It does not always look like we are up to evil. We get carried away with life's tide of events if we are not careful to guard ourselves and look to Christ.
We may not choose to sin, but we might fall into sin. The bible says the result of sin in our lives is death, spiritual separation from God. We can't be fooling around with God. Either we will serve Him because we choose to or we will indulge in our sins. We can't do both; we cannot serve two masters. There is no neutrality with God. If you side with God you must man your grounds by putting on the full armor of Christ.
Being a Christian may be a difficult road at times, but ultimately it will be well worth it. We must always be on guard because Satan will always try to tempt us to sin. He may do it through your flesh, or the world. He may do it with his demons.
Satan seeks to exploit the minds of men and women through our flesh. We must overcome the temptations that the devil throws our way in this world. This is speaking of spiritual warfare while we are resisting the temptations of the devil from the outside we must draw near to God. For only through the strength that God provides can we overcome any temptation.
Our greatest enemy is sin. It is the sting of death and the separation from God. We need to get sin and Satan, under our feet. Our enemy, Satan seeks your life to destroy you. He is the enemy of your soul and is out to devour you. You are given the authority to tread the enemy down. You are not to walk with the enemy or talk with the enemy or take the enemy in. You are to tread the enemy down, under your feet.
You are to conquer that which seeks to destroy you and devour you. You have been given authority in your Spiritual warfare with your enemy. We must constantly be asking God in prayer to give us the necessary strength to fight the battle of faith. That is the only way to overcome Satan. Reading the scriptures and praying daily can help us gain knowledge of the powers of darkness and how to combat them. As long as the devil can hide in darkness and convince us to unknowingly follow him, he will be eternally grateful to us.
Emotional problems, addictions, passive Christians and fighting Christians are bound by the powers of Satan through deception. Our pride and our wants and lusts are the values that Satan hides behind to deceive us. He uses the power of the unseen to destroy us.
When we are "getting into ourselves," his power is planning the next step. There is a difference between temptation and attacks from Satan. Satan uses temptation as a scheme or plot or compulsion to get us to do evil. Satan uses many methods of attack and normally with some success. Satan's attack on us can be an overwhelming outpouring to defeat us.
Satan seeks to steal, kill, destroy, deceive, distract, and do anything else he can take us away from God. The wiles of the devil are constant. Many senses of the flesh; the things we see, hear, emotions, thoughts, even physical pain, may very well be a tool of Satan. 
God has given us all the protection and weapons we need to meet any attack of the devil. The devil is able to attack us, but he cannot defeat us, we belong to Christ. We must never forget that we are covered and protected by the blood that Jesus gave when He died on the cross.
As Christians, our main concentration should be to complete our purpose that God has assigned us. We want to be there when the roll is called up yonder to hear our names called out. Life is but a vapor here today and gone tomorrow, let’s work on completing our role in this life and anticipate the calling of our names when the book of life it’s open. I want to have my name written in the book of life. What about you?

Written by Henry Miranda

The Faithfulness of God

Let me share my life long struggles as a non believer of God for 53 years and how He has been faithfully and patiently waiting for me to accept Him as my Lord and Savior.

 The Lord has filled my heart with a peace, joy, calm and a contentment unlike anything I have ever known. His grace, love and truth have ignited a burning fire deep within my heart and soul and I want to inspire and provide the fuel necessary to ignite your heart as well. Discover as I have, that without Christ in your life, you will. continue to struggle with finding true peace, joy, happiness and contentment that most of us desire.

Allow God to strengthen you and help you overcome what ever life challenges you are faced with. The power of the Holy Spirit that lives within in you will help you melt away whatever problems, fears and doubts you have.

Let the Lord embrace you, comfort you and empower you to find the calm only He can provide.

The Present Residence of Hell

Author Colin Thomson

A Must Read
This book discusses whether the devil, or call him what you like, actually exists. It gives a detailed discussion on the pesky lost souls that cause troubles and illnesses to many people. There is a brief discussion on the present residence of hell.

Christian Novel Reading

Book Title: Shepherd’s Inn: The Gift
Author; Dave Stokley
Book Review by CBM 
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Shepherd’s Inn: The Gift, by Dave Stokley, writes an engaging and inspiring novel during time leading up to the Christmas season at Shepherd’s Inn. Set in modern times, the author sheds light on humanity’s trials and crisis, purpose and God with the bringing together of different individuals to Shepherd’s Inn.

This lodge is a special place. It is a place where others find healing from the past. The author brings to life such characters that have common bonds of life-changing events that have shaped their past - betrayal, domestic violence, sickness, and death. 

Beginning with several characters from a narrative, the relevance of Shepherd’s Inn and how it came to be reveals this special place and those who run it. Common bonds develop over the years at Shepherd’s Inn that mend the characters together with interesting twists and turns, revealing that we all have a story.\

Each character adds flavor to the telling of Shepherd’s Inn, drawing readers into a climatic conclusion at the Inn. These connections, events and lives, all intertwining, make for an experience that express a common theme – we all have challenges. With God and caring friendships we can move into our future, away from what has kept us bound. With hints of romance and humor, the book relates the importance of community and human kindness – as paying it forward and belonging helps readers to understand the need for God, the Father and the Son, Jesus Christ.

Offering a satisfying conclusion, the author has written a heart-warming and emotional read that shares God’s grace, love, hope, kindness, forgiveness, and emotional healing that brings the light of God’s love into the forefront.

I find this book one that brings peace, hope and serenity to the soul as it relates to the gift; it’s a message that we all need. ~ An amazing and highly recommended read. You may get your copy of Shepherd’s Inn: The Gift at Amazon and in Kindle.

A Must Read

Preview The Last Prophet
Jeff W. Horton 
Available at Amazon

The Secret Gate Revealed

Short Stories, Great Reads proudly presents Heaven’s Oasis by Jeff W. Horton.

If you love edge of your seat Christian fiction, this book is for you. With the main element as romance, the author combines Kevin Foster’s love for his deceased wife with thoughts and flash backs of Claire, his soul mate.

Character Kevin Foster a history professor (as the main character), finds himself completely out of his “comfort zone”. Dedicated to a mission to redeem his wife from all the public harassment and slander to her personally and professionally, to a reputation of great honor and integrity, as she deserved. His wife, prior to her death, as a famed Archaeologist, that had been on a lifelong quest to the discovery of a secret gate leading to another place, another world, where the Garden of Eden or Heaven is kept. 

Garden of Eden or Heaven, so incredible that one could never find words to describe the colors, the sights and the vibrant life of this other realm known as “Heaven’s Oasis”. It was this discovery that others were desperately trying to steal, and even kill Kevin for. The dangerous race to the finish line to redeem his wife’s work is almost complete.

The author begins by drawing readers into Kevin’s world with an action-packed scene driving through Iraq’s arid desert. Adding to the validity of the novel, many believable discoveries of recent archeological artifacts confirm the reliability of the Bible as an accurate historical document. As well as mentioning the existence of certain key characters in the Bible, such as Pontus Pilate, merely bolstering the truth of the Bible.

Each chapter flows into the next and there are many mysterious happenings as Kevin remembers his beginning in this mission as he was pursued by mercenaries on a vendetta to stop him. Why are they so interested in stopping this grand discovery of a lifetime? His travels lead him to the Middle East, namely Iraq, as he continues his wife’s life work.  Filled with nuances, Kevin comes to terms with his grief over his wife and reconciles that all things are possible with God.

.Jeff W. Horton is the author of 8 books, Heaven’s Oasis, New Beginnings, Frontiers, Cyber Sp@ce, The Last Prophet, The Way of Nacor, The Dark Age, and The Great Collapse. After retiring as an Information Technology professional for over twenty-five years, author Jeff W. Horton, focused on fulfilling his lifelong dream as a writer. To date he has written 8 published titles and two screenplays. His work encompasses the genres of Apocalyptic Fiction, Science Fiction, Religious Fantasy and Romance Thrillers.

Heaven’s Oasis
Author Jeff W. Horton
ISBN #978-1629895925
Christian Book Reviews by CBM
10.0 out of 10.0
A highly recommended read!

For further information about Heaven’s Oasis and other great books by Jeff, visit The Horton Library
You may order your copy of Heaven’s Oasis at Amazon, in Kindle and at other fine online bookstores.

The Battle of Poison Waters.

A must Read Christian fiction page turner - Living Waters Church is embroiled in spiritual warfare and is in danger of being completely overrun by a large demonic force. Logan Hall, a commander in the Lord’s army, makes a final stand at what the demon, Colonel Black Death, is calling the Battle of Poison Waters. 

The enemy infiltrated the lives of the unsuspecting Christians. Spreading fear and confusion was only part of their devious mission. In this desperate hour Captain Hall suffers serious wounds inflicted by once loyal soldiers, compromised and influenced by demon spies. . Captain Hall is taken to an unknown location, in the care of a physician. 

As the spiritual battle continues to rage on the home front, Logan discovers demons have conspired to implicate him as the cause of the destruction of his home church. He realizes if he doesn’t soon return to the battle, all will be lost. However, in order for his wounds to mend, he must first confide in the physician, telling all his broken heart will bear. . Logan’s story occurs in Christian churches every day. 

Anyone who has been hurt or offended by other Christians in the family of God, will be blessed seeing how the Lord brings Logan through his fiery trial. Sadly, when the Church fails to fulfill its fundamental purpose, to love one another; its witness to a lost and dying world sounds like an annoying, clanging, cymbal. Troubled souls long to see and hear the love of Christ harmonized in the lives of faithful Christians. - Get your copy of I Was a Captain in the Lord's Army in Kindle.

The Favor and Love Gifts Of God

Many have the feeling that “grace” is something that is said, as a prayer before eating. When God talks about pouring out His grace on you, He is referring to His favor and love-gifts being given to you. 

Remember He is more willing to give you divine favor than you are willing to receive. This problem arises because human nature frequently wants to be self-dependant, rather than to rely on the help of others. 

Notice that God is not stingy with His favor (grace) and He lavishly pours it out on you from His riches. Remember you have been accepted in the Beloved, and God’s desire for you is to be constantly in tune with the Holy Spirit, so that you will always be in the right position to receive His favor and love-gifts. Don’t miss out by being out of touch with Him today. 

Ephesians 1:6 To the praise of the glory of His grace, (favor, love-gifts) by which He has made us accepted in the Beloved. 

The Six Pedal Pumpkin

Happy Jesus! Give out more than just candy this Halloween! Let kid’s know about Jesus through this cute little pumpkin shaped box that holds children’s favorite candy, asking the question, “Is there anything better than candy?” 

Telling children about Jesus, salvation and eternal life during this Halloween is the perfect way to share God’s love. 

Open up this little pumpkin and find each Halloween tract filled pumpkin has 6 petals. 

Written in a way children can easily understand, this is a great addition to your Halloween candy bowl as you hand out your Halloween treats. 

Teaching the Good News of the Gospel with this Halloween tract, these products have been a huge hit during Halloween! Alvin Gan is the creative talent behind Let the Little Children Come, focusing on the joy, salvation, and eternal life offered through Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. See the testimonies of the wonderful way children and adults alike LOVE these Halloween tracts.  Sold in packages of 20, this is a wonderful way to teach children about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Additional products by Alvin Gan are: Animated John 3:16 tracts, that include a variety of pop-ups, greatest gift sticker story, wordless tracts, Easter egg shaped candy tracts for Easter time, The True Story of Christmas and a tract developed for sharing the Gospel to older children in a contemporary grungy style, with the John 3:16 children’s tract available in English, Spanish and Chinese. Free shipping worldwide and a 100% product money back guarantee comes with every purchase.

Finally, a Halloween tract developed just for kids during the time of goblins, pumpkins and scary stuff; the answer is “YES, THERE IS SOMETHING WAY BETTER THAN CANDY.” Being God’s friend is much better than candy. 

Ignited With Faith, Love, Perseverance and Wisdom

Biblical principles, patriotism, passion for excellence, trusting God, pre-destined identity and purpose in Christ. If those words catch your attention, then this book is a must read for you.

You will be encouraged, stirred, captivated, and experience the hunger for revival in America as you read A Passion for Freedom by Christian author Carl Morris.

An excellent literary experience! Highly recommended for those who value core Biblical principles, love the freedom we enjoy in America, those who want to see coming revival and a turning toward godly principles and values, for those who value family and for those visionaries who have a dream, but need the encouragement to go forward. If that describes you, then this book is for you.

Truly a wonderful read and culmination of poetic endeavors that inspire, encourage and bring back patriotism to the great America that we live in. Birthed out of a passion for excellence and a desire to see others fulfill their godly potential, the author reminds all of the power and value of seeking and in trusting God  all you do. The author has also written a Mission Creed worth reading. His mission statement is one of purpose, written to a people that want to find excellence, peace, joy and conviction as they pursue their life’s path and dreams, knowing that we all have a pre-destined identity and purpose in Christ. His mission is simple: to inspire, cultivate unity, patriotism, encourage greatness in the talents one has been given to make this world a better place to live, and to create a legacy for your family (that includes prospering in all that you do), focusing others on God. This book bring dreams alive again, and life to current life situations, with blessings to come and to future generations.

Founded on Biblical principles, one will find these poems ignited with faith, love, perseverance and wisdom. The book is dedicated to not only God, but to all the individuals who sacrificed their time and life for this great country we live in. This book is written for America to get back on track to the values that our forefathers began this great nation. It is a visionary book with insight and instigation to bring the fires of revival into your heart to make a change in the world and within families. From service to being a father, many life subjects bring hope and reminders of just what is really important in this life. This book may just be the fuel you need to begin your own journey to purpose in God and to really living. 
  • Carl Morris's A Passion for Freedom
  • ISBN#978-1498417013
  • Christian Book Review by CBM 
  • Rating Score ~ 10.0 out of 10.0 stars
For more information visit A Passion For Freedom. You may also get your copy of A Passion for Freedom at Amazon or in Kindle.

Be Renewed by the Living Word of God

Multi Published Christian author, Bishop Ezimah Oden, PhD releases My Power of Freedom and Rest presenting a fascinating and powerfully written book that speaks of the wonderful privileges and Covenant Blessings we have in Christ as a Child of God.  

A CBM Book Review ~10.0 out of 10.0 Stars. Biblically based, well-written and engaging, this book encompasses Truth ~ the Truth of God’s Word, His Spirit, His Blessings, His Peace, His Righteousness, His Grace and so much more ~ by reading and applying the truth of this book, one will learn to walk in freedom and rest in Christ. This is a faith-filled read that helps readers to understand the Old Covenant that is based on the Law of Moses and the New Covenant based on the Grace of the Lord Jesus,  bringing freedom to walk in the Spirit, as your mind is renewed by the Living Word of God.   

The author helps readers understand their identity in Christ, their inheritance by the Covenant Blessings that have brought salvation, the remission of sins by the Blood of Jesus, while giving insight into knowing their enemy (Satan) by giving them the tools to faith and spiritual warfare. 

Filled with scripture, My Power of Freedom and Rest is one of those foundational reads that EVERY Christian should read, believe, understand and walk in. Topics such as: The Covenant and the Law, Encounter with the Supreme Judge, The new living way by the Blood of Jesus, The Dilemma of the law and faith, Understanding the terms of the New Covenant, Know your new nature in Christ, Beware of satanic manipulations, How to claim your Covenant blessings, Grace and Glory, Living in the power of the Spirit, Walking in alignment with the Word of God, The Sabbath Rest and Living by faith make this a power-packed, but easy-to-read perspective that not only offers the Good News of the Gospel, but presents readers with truth, hope and encouragement.

This is a highly recommended read that not only encourages, but also gives Truth to readers to walk in Covenant Blessings of their New Life in Christ!
You can get your copy at Amazon, in Kindle, at Barnes and Noble, in NOOK Book. Be sure to visit the author at his site, Bishop Ezimah Oden for some great ministry.  

Pastor Release New Christian Title

Short Stories, Great Reads presents, All of Me: A Challenge to Give God All That I Am by Ho’olulu Brito presents to readers a challenge: Are you ready to follow Jesus fully? Many have often wondered what it means to fully surrender their lives to Christ. With engaging enthusiasm, the author gives insights into what the life and cost of discipleship may look like. He has made the book simple. 

Not a complicated formula, but simply preaches the truth of the Word and what Jesus teaches. With keen insight into Scripture, the author reveals that Jesus desires those who will follow Him with a whole heart. As the author warns, this is not for those trying out Christ, or for those that aren’t fully committed to Jesus. This book is for those that want all of Christ’s blessings, for those who want to discover their purpose and destiny, and last but not least, for those who are willing to walk in it – fully surrendered.  

Are you desiring the true riches, that only Jesus can offer. Written by instigation from the Lord, readers will find this book refreshing and a fresh wind that will fan the flames to get them moving forward into their destiny. Many find themselves stuck. With that in mind, this book is designed to get readers unstuck and into living every moment, fully alive and activated with the Lord. 

Read such great chapters as - A Life of Service, My Life is Not My Own, Covenant Power, Commitment, My Purpose, God in My Finances, My Marriage, The Leader in My Home, Just Make a Decision, I’m Not Qualified, What About Me, God’s Called Your For a Reason, A Willing Vessel, All I Need is Someone to Believe, The Favor of God, Called to be a Conduit, Open to Change, A Time of Preparation, Submission to Mentorship, Don’t Interrupt the Process, Wait on Me, Being a God Kind of Steward, Holding Nothing Back, Being a Man or Woman of Honor and A Closing Word, this book will transform, encourage and bring hope into fulfilling your destiny through Christ. Coupled with selected quotes from such famous Christian followers such as Kathryn Kuhlman, Elisabeth Elliot, and Andrew Murray readers will also find the biblical principles intertwined within the text and the usage of scriptures a highly-valued teaching.  

Download your copy of All of Me: A Challenge to Give God All That I Am in Kindle.

A Wonderful Read That Is Life Changing

Applying 1 Corinthians 13:13, The Young Bride and Groom: A Marriage Union of Sixty Years by Lorine and Douglas Hargrave gives tribute and honor to the marriage covenant, celebrates their union and speaks of how to live happily in love with God and others. This is an endearing read that is written by a woman of faith that speaks of the true meaning of love, offering the love verse 1 Corinthians 13:13 as her foundation – “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love.” (NIV) Full of encouragement, this book offers inspiration in light of the modern-day plight of widespread divorce.

With the foundation of unity and prayer, she begins her book with a prayer of thanksgiving. As a commemoration of their sixty years, the third renewal of wedding vows is exhibited amongst life long memories and pictures (even of all their old cars which is a treat), and is themed by praises, prayer, and faith that is an encouragement for any young or long-married couple. 

Lovingly expressed and intertwined with Scripture, the author continues to present a well-written and faith-filled journey. This book is simple and a joy to read, giving sound biblical advice that is presented in a light way to family and friends, encouraging all to make God the center of all of one’s life and marriage.  

With her husband of sixty years, who is a pastor, the author describes their lives and the fruitfulness that comes from abiding in Jesus and His Word. Such topics that are spoken of are: good communication, praying together and doing something nice everyday. 

This is wonderful book from an elder, that after being married sixty years gives easy keys to living a healthy, content and happy life in marriage. A highly recommend read and encouragement to all who read this book depicting what a blessed union and life look like. 10.0 stars, CBM Christian Book Reviews. You may get your copy of The Young Bride and Groom at Amazon, Banes and Noble and other fine online bookstores.

Falling Into The Trap Of Darkness

Encouraging, Life Changing, A Must Read ~ In Letters to My Son Gary Bowen culminated from letters the author wrote to his beloved son during his incarceration in jail. 

With Love and Instruction, each letter expresses not only his thoughts, but preaches the Gospel of Truth as the author was led to instruct his son to get back on track with the Lord. After a series of arrests, it was later revealed that the son was hanging our kids that were considered “Goths” whom are believed to worship the devil. Revealing that there are only 2 paths to follow in this world, one is to serve God, and the other is to serve Satan.  

A Call To Make The Right Choice. The choice is yours as the author reiterates that just being a “good” person will not get you to Heaven, but confessing Christ with your mouth and believing in your heart that Jesus died and rose again to pay for your sins. Within this, the author’s instruction speaks to sons, but to all, encouraging them to follow God, most importantly reminding them to adhere to God’s words above all else as noted in Proverbs, presenting that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.  

The Wisdom of a Father. Much instruction is given on our thoughts and a walk with the Lord that reiterates the importance of prayer, daily Bible reading and community within a church. Readers will find this read inspiring and insightful. It is the hopes of the author that others will read these letters to his son and become born again. With much Biblical wisdom, the author speaks truths into the hearts of those that have been deceived into serving the Father of Lies, Satan. This book comes highly recommended as an evangelistic tool to reach out to those who are lost and/or imprisoned and/or using drugs. 

Letters to My Son
By: Gary Bowen 
ISBN #978-1-5144-3005-7 (SC) 
A CBM Book Review 10.0 stars out of 10.0 stars   

You may visit Gary at his site, Author Gary Bowen. You can get your copy of Letters to My Son at Amazon and in Kindle.

An Amazing Book

This amazing book will show you the hidden technique behind the languages and will give you the tools to learn it in a very short time. You will have everything you need to master the language, you just need to pay attention and follow the instructions given in this incredible book. 

Teach Yourself Haitian Creole by Yeral E. Ogando is a 10-step book teaching the language of Haitian Creole.  The author begins by encouraging the students to study just 20 minutes a day.  Giving a broad vocabulary and the verb tenses, in this way, the short term studying will accumulate to practice that is made perfect everyday.

Offering a MP3 Audio download (from the back bonus page) the author has made learning the Haitian Creole language even easier. The first chapter is designed to learn the Creole alphabet, how to read Creole in any text and how to say good morning. Step-by-step the author encourages learning vocabulary and the practice of speaking with a person whose native tongue is Creole to further learning the language. With plenty of symbols, art and graphs, the author has made this a self-explanatory book that teaches the basis of the Haitian Creole language.  Each part builds upon another.  This is a fun and fast way to teaching oneself this language.

Title: Teach Yourself Haitian Creole
By: Yeral E. Ogando
ISBN#13: 9780996687300
CBM Christian Book Reviews
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

This is an exciting, but very practical way to learn the language.  Highly recommended as a study-guide to those that are new to the language as this is an easy and fast-paced way to learn the tenses and vocabulary of the language. The author has done an excellent job with this book.

You may get your copy of Teach Yourself Haitian Creole at Amazon, in Kindle and at Barnes and Noble. You may also visit the author at Aprenda Creol Haitiano.

Pleading to God on Behalf of Another

A highly recommended new Christian book release on the calling and life of an intercessor. ~ Olivia Batchelor of Olive House International releases a powerful, short read that helps readers understand the divine call of being an Intercessor while shedding Biblical light on the art of intercession through scriptures and explanations. Written from her sickbed, this book is, “A gift from God to you,” as the author puts it.  Truly, it is as the author gives understanding as to what it is to be called as an intercessor, the requirements of an intercessor, the role of the Holy Spirit thereby presenting guidance in development of your gifts, coupled with wisdom and testimonies to help you start your intercessory ministry. 

You will be blessed as you read this book. With an uplifting momentum, this book will help one believe and hold firm to God’s Word as one gains insight into the powerful prophetic anointing that intercessors possess and are called to use. Thus, as an intercessor one is divinely called to plead to God on behalf of another, individually and corporately.  This is the kind of prayer that changes and shapes nations, brings healing to the sick, saves the lost and so much more! This book is about seeing His Kingdom purposes come down to Earth. One will learn how to look above their circumstances and plead for Heaven to come to Earth.

Based on many years of experience as an intercessor and prayer warrior, the Olivia shares what she has learned from over sixteen years in the prayer ministry as an intercessor.  Not only will readers learn the value of intercession, but will also be taught the precious call of an intercessor, and will be encouraged to not let go until God’s will be done in the situation, lives and area the person is praying for comes to fruition.  This book comes highly recommended for those that feel they are called to be an intercessor. ~ Intercession: Breaking into Heaven at Amazon